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Did you know? Half of all injuries in hotels and restaurants occurs due to slip and falls. Slippery floors in the workplace expose you to worker’s compensation claims and lost productivity. They are also the major cause of injuries in the workplace and the home.
Slippery floors in buildings frequented used by the public expose you to potential litigation for injuries and damages. Slip/Fall injuries are the leading cause of insurance liability payments after auto collisions. Hard floors are made to be durable not slip resistant and rapidly lose traction when wet. This is where we come in.

No Skidding® Treatment works by creating an “invisible tread” on floors, which increases the co-efficient of friction and reduces the problem of dangerous when wet surfaces.
There is a treatment for every floor: tiles, concrete, wood, and metal…both indoors and outdoors. The wetter the floor, the safer it is to walk on. These treatments are today used in industry, warehouses to hospitals, restaurants and schools in over 40 countries around the world. This treatment is long-lasting, professional and the method is simple, cheap and requires no special maintenance, but the floor gets safe and still keeps its shine.

•Very easy to apply and can be walked on straight away
•Transparent and does not change the surface
•Normal maintenance
•Cost-effective, one treatment last for 5 years
•Can be used on all types of floors, bathtubs, stairs, boats etc

Leading Technology Cleaners
For on-going maintenance, we recommend our electrostatic cleaners, a highly concentrated cleaner & degreaser that remove dirt rapidly by breaking the electrostatic bond between the soil and the hard surface. Helps prevent emulsification of grease into a slippery residue on the floor.

•Environmental friendly
•The safest and most efficient way of cleaning
•Electrostatic and restores the ionic balance on the surface.
•Makes cleaning easier and quicker
•The clean surface will repel soils as if they were new
•Recommended cleaners after an anti slip treatment

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